Chairs & Committee

Joel Nichols

We are pleased to have Joel Nichols serve as our Honorary Chairman for the Jared Coones Memorial Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk.

Born in a small Wisconsin River town, Joel got his first broadcasting job at the age of three due to his amazing grasp of current events, articulate delivery and, perhaps most importantly, his Dad ran the local radio station.  At that point, Joel worked for chocolate milk and Oreos.

Joel moved to Las Vegas after high school to try his hand…well, both hands…at playing the piano and singing. Very shortly after his arrival in Glitter Gulch, Joel discovered that his talents as an entertainer made him best suited to be a front desk clerk at the now long gone, Rainbow Vegas Hotel.

Returning to Wisconsin, Joel got his degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He worked as a legislative aide to a state representative for a couple years and also began working at a local cable TV station.  After working as a reporter and weatherman at WMTV, the NBC affiliate in Madison, Joel came to Kansas City where he helped folks start their days beginning in 1988.

Over the years, Joel has been a broadcasting jack of all trades including hosting a children’s show, interview show and doing hundreds of feature stories about Kansas City. Joel and his wife, Jessica, are the proud parents of four great children and have, for more than 25 years been happy to call The KC area home sweet home.

Now, you can find Joel with Michelle Davidson on Kansas City Live every weekday morning at 10 a.m., on KSHB,  or anytime on line!  It is a fun show filled with the best our area has to offer!



The planning committee has no paid members. This dedicated group honors Jared and Jayne by remaining all volunteer, helping to ensure proceeds raised for the beneficiaries are maximized.


  • Tom Coones
  • Sam Miceli, Race director
  • Linda Boring
  • Carol Brewer, Jared’s Aunt
  • Stephen Oskvig, Jared’s Cousin
  • Laura Campbell
  • Owen Geisz
  • Mary Geisz
  • David Kearney
  • Jan Popek
  • Kathy McMullin
  • Morghan Fitzsimons
  • Meghan Coones-Cook, Jared’s Sister
  • Stephen Cook
  • Steve White
  • Jim Burt
  • Brandon Unruh
  • Katie Unruh